I can't stop watching this..

on Jul, 28 2012

I can't stop watching this..



There's a Polish guy, an American guy, and a Canadian guy. They get a note in the mail telling each of them to go to the top of the empire state building as soon as they got the letter. (They all got it at the same time).

So they all go up there.

When they arrive they see a wizard standing before their eyes! The wizard tells them to say what they want to do for their dream job.

So the polish guy says I want to be a pilot. so the wizard says. "ok now say, I want to be a pilot, and jump off the building and you will be flying away."

So the Polish guy says "I want to be a pilot" and jumps off the building. And he was all of a sudden in an airplane flying it!

So, the American guy does the same thing except he wants to be an astronaut. So the American guy says to the wizard "I want to be an astrounaut" and then he jumps off the building. And all of a sudden he is in a space craft on his way to space!

So, the Canadian has the same procedure does the same thing. But, when he walks up to get ready to jump he trips and says "SHIT", and guess what he turned into!!!

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