I accepted my fate

on Oct, 14 2012 3776 views

I accepted my fate



I went to my friends house and we were cleaning out his room. It was very messy. When we took everything out of under the bed a little green chimp shot me with a 9. i put a band-aid over it and i was just fine. Then we found about 100 pounds of weed in his VCR. We sold it for 10 cents. Never mind we smoked it. We took every thing out of his dresser and there were little people having sex. I guy in there called us peeping toms. That made me mad so i burned them with a ice gun then i crushed them. After we were done we ate a lot of nuts. then we drank a lot of alpple pop. After that some guy was sleeping in his bed i woke him up and he said i was a cock sucking slut who had a pussy witch made me a women. then he shot me with a big bomb. After that i yelled BROWN then i died.