HTC Hero Tab

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Johnny, Billy, and Tommy

Johnny, Billy, and Tommy were walking home from school one warm spring day. As they were cutting through the alleys and back yards they happened to look through a hole in the fence of one of the yards, where a woman was sunbathing in the nude. As they looked through the hole, suddenly Billy started to scream and took off running for home. He ran so fast that his 2 friends, trying to catch him were soon left far behind.

The next day, as they came home again, they found the same hole in the fence and started to watch the woman. again, after just a few minutes, Billy started screaming, and took off like a shot. On the third day, Johnny and tommy agreed on a plan. They would be between Billy and home if he started to run, and they would find out what the problem was.

Just as before, Billy could only look for a few minutes then he started to run for home. This time, Johnny and Tommy grabbed him and demanded to know what was wrong. "My mother told me that if I ever looked at a naked woman, I would turn to stone. I started to feel something getting awfully hard ..."