Honey boo boo at her best

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Honey boo boo at her best


Blonde on duty

there's this blonde,she works at a police station.{that right
there tells you something is bad}one day all the police men got
a stomach virus from a special cake that the blond
maked.So,later that day as her being the only one that could
actually go outside and fight bad guys,there was a criminal that
robbed a bank down the street.the people at the bank called in
and reported it ,then the chief told the blonde to go on duty
and try to catch the bad guys.so the blond had a choice,between
a rifle,a big big gun,and a bb gun,so as being a blonde,she
chose the bb gun,anyways,she got in her cop car and raced down
the street,she passed the bank up and went to the river bank,in
other words the park,but we say river bank.so she looked
around,and nothing seemed bad,so she keep looking.2 hours later
the cheif spots her on his lunch break down at the river bank,he
said to the blonde,"what are you doing?,the criminals got
away"she replied,"but you said to get on duty so I went to the
park and found some duty to get on,oh yeah,I think you need to
put more bb's in the gun too!"