Hold on... Just a second... Oh...

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Hold on... Just a second... Oh...


Secret Weapon

A few days before he left the presidency, Bill Clinton called George W Bush and said, "It's time I took you to our most top secret military installation."

As they were flying across the country on Air Force One, Clinton told his successor, "As you know, nuclear war is an unacceptable option. So we've been forced to come up with other ways to stop enemy aggression. Since AIDS can't be cured, we decided to use it as a weapon."

"What do you mean?" Bush asked.

"I'll show you when we land," Clinton said.

Soon they landed in a remote section of Montana. Clinton escorted Bush into a large, heavily guarded compound, then took him into the first building. Bush saw a group of gorgeous women parading around in scanty lingerie and asked, "What are they doing?"

Clinton said, "All of them have AIDS. If we're threatened by a European or South American country, we'll send them in so they can sleep with country's leaders and neutralize the threat."

Bush nodded. In the next building, he saw a group of very effeminate teenage boys. Clinton explained, "When these boys got AIDS, we made them eunuchs. If we're threatened by China, we'll send them in to satisfy the desires of the Chinese leaders. They'll be infected, and the crisis will be averted." Bush nodded.

They entered the largest of the three buildings, and saw a huge group of adult men cavorting around on all fours. Bush said, "What are these guys doing?"

Clinton said, "These men will serve their country if there's another crisis in Iraq, Iran, or anywhere else in the Middle East."

"I don't understand. Why are they on all fours?"

"Because," Clinton said, "we have to send them in disguised as camels."