Girlfriend's logic

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Girlfriend's logic


Dumb Blonde

There were three women that broke out of jail.One had red hair,one had brown hair, the other was blone.As they were running down the road they saw a old barn,so they went to hide out in it.They hide behind three bells of hay.The police search party went in the barn looking for them.One police went over to the bells of hay and kicked the first one were the red head was hiding.She cried out"Quack Quack"So he thought it was a duck.He went to the second bell of hay were the brown haired lady was hinding.She cried out"Arf Arf"So he thought it was a dog.He went to the thrid bell of hay were the blonde was hiding.She cried out"Potatoes Potatoes"So he kicked it again.Now she cried out"Cat Cat"