Fox News in a nutshell

on Jun, 26 2012

Fox News in a nutshell


Different hells

One day, this guy dies. Having not been the very best person, he
goes to hell. The first thing he sees is a huge, glamorous
hotel. So he goes there to check in. Insides there's a lot of
beatiful women, free drinks, it's just one continious party. Then
he goes outside, where there's the most beautiful and huge garde
he's ever seen. As he comes to a wall marking the edge of the
garden, he sees a a small hole in it. Looking out, he is
astonished to see people being tortured in the worst way on the
other side, boiling oil and flames everywhere. Picture real
hell, and you got what he sees. So he asks a guy who's just
passing by on his side:
Say, if this where we are is hell, what's that on the other side?
The other guy anwsers:
Well, that's the Catholics, they want it that way.