Do not overreact.

on Jun, 26 2012

Do not overreact.


Canoeing Trip

One day 2 newfies were in thier car looking for a river that
they could canoe in. After they while the passenger says" Hey
man were lost, those corn fields look like the water back home"
"Ya we are, and ya your right those fields do look like the
water back home" says the other guy. So the passenger says "
Since were lost lets put our canoe out in the field and pretend
thats water" so the driver agree's and they pull over bring
thier canoe out and start to pretend they are in the water.Then
another Newfie drives by and sees them, so he stops and yells at
them "Hey you fucking assholes!!! You are the dumb idiots that
give us Newfie's a bad name!!! If i knew how to swim I'd come
oout thier and kick your ass!!