Cutest Sneak Attack Ever

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The Top 15 Corporate Executive Pickup Lines

15> "What say we go back to my place so I can do to you what I've been doing to my shareholders for the last few years?"14> "Nice dress! But it would look better in my shredder."13> "Hey, Bruno, as long we're sharing a cell..."12> "Is that a $1.2-million bonus for you in my pants, or am I just happy to see you?"11> "What do you think will drop faster, our stock price or these pants?"10> "I know you're married, but you really should diversify those assets of yours." 9> "Screw all those indictments -- I can still get us a night in the Lincoln Bedroom." 8> "Excuse me, is your name WorldCom? 'Cause those look like some seriously inflated assets!" 7> "Alice, get that ass-kisser Murphy in here, pronto!" 6> "Hey, baby, are you into bondage? I could really use some help with these handcuffs if you've got a minute." 5> "If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against an approved committee for evaluation in hopes of a future merger?" 4> "Say, what's a nice girl like you doing at a special Senate hearing like this?" 3> "Honey, I have *extensive* dealings with Bush." 2> "C'mon, sweetie -- it's my last chance to be with a woman for 3 to 5 years." 1> "In your case, baby, I tend to think *inside* the box." [ The Top 5 List ] [ Copyright 2002 by Chris White ]