Cool clouds after a storm in regina canada

on Aug, 01 2012

Cool clouds after a storm in regina canada


The Top 16 Euphemisms for Slacking at Work

16> Thinking outside the cube15> De-nosing the grindstone14> Training for a career in management13> Notworking12> Awaiting awkward discovery prior to pursuing new opportunities elsewhere11> Conserving the midnight oil10> Testing the corporate firewall's ability to stop indecent images9> Consulting8> Battling the dreaded the Minesweeper virus7> Defragging the brain drive6> Reaping the rewards of superior delegation5> In conference with the Olsen twins4> Visiting Crawford3> Letting opportunity open its own damn door2> Zero-tasking1> Enabling real-time back-end utilization [ The Top 5 List ] [ Copyright 2004 by Chris White ]