Duck Enjoys Getting Vacuumed
Posted On 08/24/2013
Bobcat Fail
Posted On 07/20/2011
Parrot Sings Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
Posted On 05/20/2011
Angry Birds Live!
Posted On 07/02/2011

For the first time ever, watch how people use a simple smartphone to play a life-size version of the cult Angry Birds game. Complete with real shooting birds and exploding pigs!

Possibly the Most Eye Opening 6 Minutes Ever on Film
Posted On 08/28/2013

This six minute video will open your eyes to a world normally hidden from cameras. A hard hitting dose of perspective of what unsustainable demand looks like.

Warning: You may have a feeling of emptiness inside after watching.

Man Records Wife's Shocking Temper Tantrum
Posted On 11/18/2013

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The Greatest Son Of All

3 old women were sitting around talking about how great their
son's were. The first woman says, "I have the best son of all,
he is a preist." Her son walks into the room and all the women
say, "Hello father."

The second woman says, "Well, I can beat that, my son is a
Raibbi." Her son enters in and they all say, "Hello Raibbi."

The the third woman speaks and says, "I can beat both of you, my
son is a striper." My son walks in and they all say, "Oh my god!"