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These Things Suck

Running out of toothpaste
getting deodorant in your eyes

getting drunk and trying to chug a lava lamp

poorly done tattoos

gasps of amazement

puking so hard you break blood vessels in your face

white pants or shorts

hats that make your head sweat and itch

cordless phones that randomly hang up on people

heart shaped pancakes

having to reuse snotty tissues

torn shirts

striped ties

loud vaccums that don't suck at all

the word 'moustache'

poorly designed furniture

sham celebrations

purple coats

sacrifical lambs

oversized earrings

pink staplers

bras that are impossible to get off

feng shui

rusty spikes in your bed

waking up in your own shit

Sheep stomachs used as hats

Your phone rings and before you get it, it stops.


creatures that are half man and half fawn who bounce around calling you "Lucy"

pimples on the palms of your hands

having to bathe in dirty water that was used to wash dogs three weeks ago

the sound of your walkman slowing down the tape you're listening to

dead people whispering at you in the night

burrowing elks who ruin your basement

dreaming that you get shot just before meeting Mike Patton

trying to touch the sky and falling down

barking dogs outside your place that bark all damn day long and then start barking at each other,

then bark at the trees, then cars, then kids, and then each other again.

open houses during the rainy season

hair gel that drips from the ceiling

dirty sinks

being cremated when you were just sleeping

having your mom wake you and you fell asleep nude, surrounded in porno magazines

and pictures of the 'golden girls' from tv.

running out of dishes and being forced to finally do them

monkey brain bits in your sandwich

being told that 'that's just the way life is'