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my first fuck in the woods

Jemma is the best. The best out of all the people I know, the
of all the females i know, just simply the best.

We were on holiday, Janice, me and Jemma. We were out in our
small cosy caravan, one night when Janice was fast asleep in her
bed me and Jemma went outside into the woods to have some fun,
we thought it would be better outside incase Janice heard us and
disturbed us.

I rammed jemma hard up against a thick tree, i felt her lovely
soft, tender tits, and licked her wet pussy, she was as excited
as me. when i slowly moved up licking all her body, i shoved my
hard cock up her pussy, i could feel it was wet and warm inside,
i felt her pussy closing on my dick. it was a wonderful feeling.
i was still feeling her beautiful tits, even though they were
very small i still enjoyed every minuet of it. Then jemma pulled
away she walked off as if nothing had happened. i followed her
getting dressed as i walked.

As i said before Jemma is the best, the best i knew, the best
pet id ever had, the best dog EVER.