Clever Sarcastic Replies
Posted On 12/29/2013



Definitely the most kicka** and coolest president in the world
Posted On 01/13/2014



This Couple Might Be the World’s Worst Parents
Posted On 01/06/2014

This young couple were photographed with their child on a beach in Crimea. For some paople a day at the beach is not complete without some beer.

Hauntingly terrifying pictures of asylums back in the good old days
Posted On 02/12/2014

These pictures are both scary and hauntingly present the very stark realities of mental institutions of the time.

These acts of humanity that restored my faith in this life
Posted On 02/21/2014

Everytime I feel down I read these stories I am back up because that helps me happier and have faith.

How plastic surgery was carried out in World War 1 (warning some images may be disturbing)
Posted On 01/25/2014


These are the jaw reconstruction pictures of Willie Vicarage’s after he was hit by a bullet in 1921. Considering the time and the progress of the surgery it seems pretty impressive. Antibiotics weren't invented yet and grafting tissue from other parts of the body would mean risking fatal infection. Traditionally, facial wounds were stitched together but once facial scars developed the face would transform and appear to be contorted. That all changed when Harold Gillies, the father of modern plastic surgery did something different. 




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