Clever Sarcastic Replies
Posted On 12/29/2013



Definitely the most kicka** and coolest president in the world
Posted On 01/13/2014



This Couple Might Be the World’s Worst Parents
Posted On 01/06/2014

This young couple were photographed with their child on a beach in Crimea. For some paople a day at the beach is not complete without some beer.

14 most awkward pregnancy photos ever
Posted On 09/18/2013

14 most awkward pregnancy photos ever

These acts of humanity that restored my faith in this life
Posted On 02/21/2014

Everytime I feel down I read these stories I am back up because that helps me happier and have faith.

A man who didn't clean his self for 60 years...
Posted On 01/18/2014

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