Funniest Inappropriate Animal Memes
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I was scourging the Net and came across some funny animal memes that tow the line of similarity. Some go in so far that they mislay their funniness, while others handle to keep their humor value. I have collected all the funniest animal memes and put them here into one collection. I believe these are the last.

The Most Hilarious And True Celebrity Memes
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Some celebrities can be really hilarious. This resulted in their gaining huge publicity and fame. Funny celebrity tweets, names, quotes on tumblr and even funny celebrity memes are all the rage these days. Here is a collection of the most hilarious celebrity memes that are true as well.

Terrifyingly Funny Panorama Fails
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We’re sure you must have seen a lot of awesome photoshopped panoramas that may have astounded you, but have you ever seen a terrible one? Take a look!

Hideous Celebrity Dolls That Will Make You Scream WTF!
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What if you find a doll that looked just like you? You’d  be creeped out, right? This is exactly what these celebrity dolls are doing!

Disturbingly Eerie Crafts Works That Can Only Be Found On Etsy
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Etsy is certainly famous for offering unique and distinct items that are not commonly available in the market.  It is also THE place for getting unique and creepy articles of all types. Don’t believe that? See them for yourself!

Some Interesting Facts About Animals...
Posted On 04/20/2014

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