Important Lessons We Learned From Winnie The Pooh
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While Pooh is often seen as a soft-spoken and a bit dopey bear, his humbleness has lead to amazing  wisdom over the years that can teach us a thing or two. This is only a fraction of the inspiring words the story left us. Yet, it’s enough to live by.



15 Of The Classiest Things To Have Ever Happened
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Being classy just comes natural to some folks or companies. I mean who doesn't want to be classy? It's what we all strive for right?

Excellent Ways To Recapture Your Childhood
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Being a grown up is so lame. It's no fun and there's no balance between work and life so why not go back to golden days where silly things were so much fun?

Hysterical Thoughts Women Have While Ovulating
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Ladies, we all feel for you when it's that time of the month. It can be a horrible experience. Luckily for the rest of us it can also be entertaining.



Katy Perry and Other Celebrities Looking Freakishly Fantastic With 'Nose-mouths'
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Phillip Pastore started a new trend by photoshopping celebrities faces to make it look like they have a nose as a mouth, enjoy!



These Attractive Women Are Making Some Ugly Faces
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Sometimes as much as women want to show off how good they look, they also like to laugh at themselves and take some ugly photos. These photo's are hilarious!

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