Selfies That Were Taken A Moment Before Death...
Posted On 08/28/2014

All That Just Got Real! Be Careful ...
Posted On 08/28/2014

Be Careful !!

Mind Blowing Stuff
Posted On 08/28/2014

Adorable Pictures Of Dogs Sharing Love With Their Human Owners
Posted On 08/28/2014

I'm an animal lover specifically a dog lover and these pictures of dog loving their owners is just adorable. Check out these really cute pictures.

Talented Artist Laura Jenkinson Uses Lips To Create Amazing Art
Posted On 08/28/2014

Laura Jenkinson, spent a year making famous cartoon characters and using lips as her canvas. Check out these amazing pictures of her work.


These Highly Suspicious Auto-completes Makes Me Suspect Google's Intentions
Posted On 08/27/2014

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