Parents Who Should Not Be Using Social Media
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These parents just need to stop using social media and embarrassing not only them, but their kids.

Extremely Creative and Amusing Snapchat Photos
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Snapchat lets users take photos, record videos, add text and drawings. The awesome thing about this app is that the photos/videos are timed so they delete after a few seconds. People get really creative with them!

That Awkward Moments Meme You Tried To Forget
Posted On Today

We all have experienced those awkward moments when we get into a truly embarrassed situation. Lest you tried not to recall all those awkward moments when you only wanted to creep out of your own skin. This post relives all those common moments.

Gamer Logics & Their Problems- Memes
Posted On Today

Since the last few years gamers have made several lol-worthy memes and quote images from popular video games making them into somewhat new and interesting altogether.  This post is about those funny logical events & problems of video gamers.

People Who Are Taking It Too Far With Statues
Posted On 04/22/2014

Some statuses are in posed in such a way that some people can't help, but have a little fun with them.

Awkward Photos Of People Who Are Horrible At Clubbing
Posted On 04/22/2014

When you're drunk you are at your worst. I feel so bad for these people because once something is on the internet it will never go away!



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