Debased, Deflowered, and Degraded

If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, doesn't it follow that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted, cowboys deranged, models deposed and dry cleaners depressed?Laundry workers could decrease, eventually becoming depressed and depleted!Even more, bedmakers will be debunked, baseball players will be debased, landscapers will be deflowered, bulldozer operators will be degraded, organ donors will be delivered, software engineers will be detested, the BVD company will be debriefed, and even musical composers will eventually decompose.On a more positive note though, perhaps we can hope politicians will be devoted.Continuing with that theme:banker disinterestedblackjack dealer discardedcabinet member disappointed''Cannabis Club'' owner disjointedcashier distilledchemist dissolutionedC.P.A. discounteddetective dissolvededitor dispelledelectrician dischargedgeologist dismantledHamlet disdainedhero discouragedinventor disingenuousjockey displacedlawyer distortedmagician disillusionedmap maker disorientedMarine drill sarge disgruntledmarriage counselor disavowedmathematician disprovenmathematician (2) disintegratedmedium dispiritedmeteorologist disgustedmixologist disbarredmodel disposedmountain climber disinclinedmovie star discreditedOlympic skater disfiguredperfume maker dissentedprofessional mover dislocatedprospector disclaimedresidential developer distractedrock musician disbandedRodney Dangerfield disrespectedsaint disgracedseamstress dispatchedsinger discordsteel worker distemperedSupreme Court Justice disrobedthespian displayedvirologist disinfectedwarlock disenchanted