28 Hilariously Sarcastic Responses
Posted On 10/20/2014

Beautiful Realistic Portraits By Hammering Thousands Of Nails Into A Wall
Posted On 10/20/2014

This one looks cool because you can see the great amount of nails used to do this piece.

Classy Tattoo'd People Who Break All Stereotypes
Posted On 10/20/2014

She is fierce and showing off her legs like no other.

Clever Captions Give Life To Old Paintings
Posted On 10/20/2014

Trent was trying to pretend he wasn’t high at work, but his huge pupils gave the game away.

15 People Who Got Shut Down In The Worst Way Possible
Posted On 10/20/2014

Whoever Mandy rejected, because she clearly did not like the guy.

15 Vintage Photos That Show Humans Have Always Been Weird
Posted On 10/20/2014

Exercise machine designed to "roll the fat" out of legs

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