23 of the scariest GIFs that will make you piss in your pants...
Posted On 01/06/2014
hehehe I showed this to my 7 year old niece #19 as a prank, she didn't stop screaming for the next 5 mins lol...
The top ten gifs of the week to lead you into your weekend.
Posted On 07/05/2013
This GIF of a girl who lost 88 pounds in a year will actually blow your freaking mind
Posted On 09/03/2013
Daily Gifdump (18 Gifs)
Posted On 11/21/2013
Blowing on your dog; What could go wrong?
Posted On 08/09/2013
13 Hilarious South Park Gifs
Posted On 07/07/2013
What a difference camera angles make!
Posted On 08/17/2013
Throwing boiling water in the extreme cold
Posted On 08/20/2013
Odd Scenes Brought to Us by Bollywood
Posted On 01/16/2014
Awkward Taylor Swift Dance Moves That Will Make You Dislike Her Even More
Posted On 03/05/2014
You Think You Hate Her Now? Wait Till You See How She Dances!
A water pipe burst inside my wall, but it didn't break through the latex paint. Then this happened.
Posted On 08/12/2013
Awesome GIFs for the day!
Posted On 02/20/2014
Oh damn man, they're all soo hilarious, amazing and guaranteed to make your day just great and amazing!
Trying to get your girlfriend to have morning sex
Posted On 08/17/2013
Woah... That's seriously creepy..
Posted On 08/12/2013
Naughty Texas Tech Girl
Posted On 09/13/2013
My best friend messaged me with this gif and no context. More like FORMER BEST FRIEND.
Posted On 08/20/2013
Mind f*cking GIFs that will screw with your brains
Posted On 03/17/2014
Crazy GIFs that will confuse your mind and make it go all fuzzy.
Not my daughter, you bitch!
Posted On 08/17/2013
This girl is talented!
Posted On 07/20/2013
He'll be sleeping on that couch for the next week or two
Posted On 08/05/2013

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