Amazing Tree Tunnels...
Posted On 07/18/2014

Nature in as a whole tends to be a profoundly beautiful thing, but there are few things more magical than finding yourself under a canopy of trees in a tree tunnel on some warm summer evening. Whether they’re formed naturally, accidentally, or with a little help from some patient and talented gardeners, these tree tunnels are sure to enchant anyone lucky enough to walk below their verdant boughs.

Despite how slowly trees grow, they are remarkably receptive to various methods of altering their growth. With strong, persistent and very patient force, trees can be sculpted into a variety of forms. Some of these tree tunnels have been formed and sculpted by careful gardeners to ensure that they conform with their urban surroundings.

A few of the tree tunnels are happy coincidences. The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine, a popular photo spot for married couples, is also part of an operational railway system. The married couples have to schedule their photoshoots behind the times when freight trains are scheduled to pass through. Even unintentionally, these tree tunnels can work their magic on us.

10 Of The Worst First Timers
Posted On 07/18/2014

They say their always room for improvement. I sure do hope that's true because these people have a long ways to go.

10 Out Of Place Vending Machines
Posted On 07/17/2014

Vending machines kill more people than sharks do, did you know that? They also boost some of the weirdest items like banana's, crack pipes and bra's. Check them out!

10 Real Cases of Spontaneous Human Combustion
Posted On 07/17/2014

Spontaneous human combustion occurs when a person bursts into flames due to a chemical reaction inside the body, without any external source of ignition. Some belief it's a hoax, but other's believe it's real. What do you believe?

Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Bo*bs
Posted On 07/17/2014

Boobs are fascinating well mostly to men. I mean men have boobs too, they just aren't big and oval shaped unless they're a little on the hefty side (as in terms of body weight). If you love boobs then you will love this list.



Unbelievable Live Tweets That Will Make Your Jaw Drop
Posted On 07/17/2014

People oversharing on social media is most of the time pretty annoying, but taking to Twitter to narrate personal events while they're happening seems to be pretty exciting and soap-opera like. Tune in for the latest episode.





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