These Unexplained Sightings Of UFOs Spotted In Different Parts Of The World
Posted On 08/08/2014

Are we alone? or are there other beings in the universe. Are we a random spark of life or were we created out of a plan for something bigger. UFO sightings sometimes bring all of these questions upfront, questioning our place and reason for existence and further trying to seek if there are other intelligent beings out there.



The Struggle Is Real When Being Raised As Catholic
Posted On 08/08/2014

Being raised as Catholic is no joking matter. It's serious business that sometimes can cause life to be just a little hectic. The struggle is real.

“I did it with my hands because I... forgot to buy the brushes!”
Posted On 08/06/2014

Artist who Paints with their fingers only ... and is bellissimo!

Southern Italian artist Paolo Troilo lives and works in Milan. Troilo’s explosive paintings are created without any brushes and instead he uses only his hands and jars of black and ivory acrylic paints. He consistently depicts himself as the only subject in his work. Troilo states that this change of technique occurred in 2004 when

“I did it with my hands because I… forgot to buy the brushes!”



Amusing Photos Of Asian Landscapes And People That Will Inspire You...
Posted On 08/06/2014

Asia -The land of fascinating nature, history and traditions, and this is exactly what photographer Weerapong Chaipuck captures on camera and shares with us in his stunning images. 



Fun And Weird Facts For The Week That Will Fire Up Your Neurons
Posted On 08/05/2014

It always good to read about brief facts about this world in small snippets with engaging pictures.

Some Interesting Facts About The Solar System That You Don't Get to Study In High School
Posted On 08/05/2014

Ever since we have begun to explore our solar system through the years new information leads to clearer facts about our little abode in this vast expanse of the universe. Here are some quick to digest facts about our solar system. 



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