11 Mind Bending Photographs for Day Dreamers
Posted On 03/23/2014

Photographer Erik Johannson creates impossible but photorealistic images that capture an idea, not a moment.

Erik Johannson is a self-taught photograher who learned how to retouch photos to make impossible and extraordinary images. Growing up with a grandmother who painted and a penchant for escaping into the other worlds of video games, he naturally blended the two into a technique using computers to generate images that couldn’t be captured by a camera. Get ready to sit back, and let your imagination go wild:


Hollywood’s Highest Paid Celebrities of 2013
Posted On 03/20/2014

Fame and money are the two features that govern the fate of celebrities. Let’s see

which celebrities benefitted more in 2013.


Most creative wedding invitations guaranteed that you cannot ignore
Posted On 03/19/2014

A wedding ceremony is a once in a life time occasion that should be enjoyed fully, therefore, people are always looking forward to call their friends and family members to become part of that event. I have tried to make a list of some of the most creative wedding invitations that have been dotting themselves on the internet.

These People Put What On Their Pizza??
Posted On 03/19/2014

Pizza is a dish that is universally loved and people enjoy getting creative with it. Maybe by cooking it a certain a way or adding their own ingredients. It's hard to imagine a weird or bad pizza, but they do exist and it's painful to look at.

The Coolest Graduation On Earth
Posted On 03/19/2014

Kanazawa College of Art in Japan, lets their students bring out their creativity one last time for graduation. They can dress however they want. It's like halloween and it is amazing.

The Ultimate Funny Fighting Edition Of Cat Vs Dog
Posted On 03/19/2014

Cats and dogs actually do get along pretty well, but there are times when they just downright hate each other. This results in some nasty one on one altercations. Who will come out victorious? That question remains to be answered.

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