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The ink drawings of Miguel Endara are impressive at a distance. Take a closer look, and you'll appreciate them even more. Each work is made by stippling, a technique that uses millions of tiny dots to create tone and texture. Endara says he creates about 4.25 dots per second. Good thing he doesn't charge for portraits by the hour!

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Rabbit food

A rabbit walks into a pub, and orders a cheese and ham toasted sandwich.

He wolfs this down, and follows it with a carrot toasted sandwich, and finally a ham and onion toasted sandwich.

Finally stuffed full, he wanders out into the night, burping.

The next day, the Landlord sees the rabbit again, wearing dark glasses and looking very much the worse for wear.

"Wow!" He says, "What on earth happened to you?"

"Mixing my toasties" the rabbit muttered.

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