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This bloke in a bar spots a lovely blonde...

This bloke in a bar spots a lovely blonde lady coming out of the female toilets,
he's a bit piss and thought he may as well have a go at her.

Bloke:I want to kiss you all over.
Lady: Go away I've got a boyfriend.
Bloke: I also want fuck your brains out, com on your tits and fill you pussy
up with beer and drink it with a straw.

The lady was furious after being spoken to like that and she runs over to the
bar where her boyfriend is sitting.
The bloke sees that she's run over to this huge bikey and he realizes he's
going to die.

The lady begins telling her boyfriend about the incident.

Lady: That guy over there said he wanted to kiss me all over.
Bikey: He said what!
Lady: That's not it then he said he wanted to fuck my brains out.
Bikey: He's dead, I'm gonna kill him
Lady: That's not it, then he said he wanted to cum on my tits.

The Bikey slams his beer on the table and stood up ready to kill.
Lady: There's more.
Bikey: More?
Lady: Then he said he wanted to fill my pussy up with beer
and drink it with a straw.

After hearing that the Bikey sits back down and quietly has
another sip of his beer.
Lady: What aren't you gonna kill him?

Bikey: No! Any man that can drink that much beer is a better man than I.