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Don Juan

One afternoon, three close friends named Hercules, Sleeping Beauty and Don
Juan, sat by the river contemplating their lives.

Bold and arrogant, Hercules exclaimed that he was surely the strongest person
in the world.

"That may be true", said Sleeping Beauty, "But I am better because I am
obviously the most beautiful person in the world."

Don Juan laughed at both of them and said that without a doubt, he must be the
greatest person alive simply because he had been with the most women.

After several hours of argument, they decided to consult a Guru for the truth.

First, Hercules went into Guru's cave. A few moments later he came out with
a massive grin on his face. The Guru had said that he was, in fact, the
strongest person in the world. He was very pleased.

Sleeping beauty came out of the cave with a lovely smile: "It is true! I AM
the most beautiful woman in the world!"

Moments later a distraught Don Juan came stomping out of the cave: "Who the
hell is Bill Clinton!!???"