Animals Who May Have Hit The Bong Too Hard
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These animals might have been around a little green smoke for way too long. They might need a moment to calm down.

Surprising Facts About How We Spend Our Time
Posted On Today

With the life expectancy in America being 78.6 years. We have decided to do a little math and figured out how the average person spends their lifetime.

The Most Awkward Dad Photo's Of All Time
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Dad's are great. They are usually the more laid back parent, but they are also the parent that will embarrass you the most.

These Tips Tell You How To Become The Real Gentleman
Posted On 09/12/2014

We surely need "men" education today because it so very scarce.

Fun and Mind Boggling Facts That Will Let You Pick Up Smart Girls
Posted On 09/12/2014

If you want to date smart girls here are some quick to digest facts that will make you attractive to them.


An Interesting Assortment of Pictures You've Never Seen Before
Posted On 09/12/2014

Photo of sentencing from the Nuremburg trials. The name of the offender and their punishment next to them, Hess is hidden because Goering was standing up, he received life imprisonment. Oct 1st 1946

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