Nicolas Cage's Crazy Life Explained by Funny Article Titles
Posted On 04/17/2014

If you know nothing about Nicolas Cage or his personal life then just read some of the outrageous article titles about his life. His life seems a little weird at times, but also fun.

The Horrible Phases Of Grocery Shopping
Posted On 04/17/2014

Shopping is a nightmare. You're spending money on foods that will possibly go bad. You have to deal with dumb people and workers. It just never ends yet we have to do it, so lame.



Fan Art Of Crimea’s Cute New Attorney General
Posted On 04/17/2014

Natalia Poklonskaya just wanted to do her job as New Attorney General as this whole Crimea situation continues. However, all the world could think of is how young, shy, and cute she is.



These Crazy Weird Food Combinations That Will Mind Fu*k You
Posted On 04/17/2014

Some unique and creative food combinations actually work, but others are just weird and sound really gross. I wonder what these people are thinking. Even if it is good what made them try the combinations? Some questions will never be answered.

What would happen if the World were to attack and invade the United States
Posted On 04/17/2014

Written by a US Marine Corps, he explores what would happen if the world were to unite and attack the United States of America with military force.


Shocking Facts behind What Cat Behavior Actually Means
Posted On 04/15/2014

Cats are the cutest creatures and especially the kittens can melt anyone’s heart. They can make you laugh and their sudden disappearance for a long time can even make you cry. Those tiny creatures are not just adorable but there is a hidden meaning behind every move they make. Don’t believe? Check out these shocking facts about cats.

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