9 Cleverly Suggestive Ads! #7 Is Hilarious
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Tyra Banks Posts Dramatic Makeup-Free Selfie: 'You Deserve to See the Real Me'
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We’re used to seeing Tyra Banks with a fierce smoky eye and some major contouring. But the supermodel wants her fans to know what she looks like when she wakes up in the morning, so she posted a completely bare-faced photo of herself on Instagram.

And in true Banks form, she included a long powerful message in the caption.

10 Common Things That Are Totally Bad For You
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You might think that as long as you keep an eye on it things should be fine, but sometimes the product itself is to blame. In fact, recalls for candle-related products due to fire hazards are not uncommon and it only takes a few minutes of inattention for a fire to start. More alarming is recent research that found many paraffin-based candles are actually emitting toxic fumes, like benzene. Now, the occasional scented taper isn’t going to kill you, but researchers do suggest using proper ventilation when lighting candles, and you should keep your use of them to a minimum to reduce exposure to toxic fumes.

Sexually-Harassed Intern Labels Her Former Wall Street Boss A 'Psychopath' In Wake Of $18MILLION Payout
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In the wake of her successful lawsuit, she has now claimed that Wey exhibited the 'behavior of a psychopath'.
She told the New York Post: 'He manipulated me and he broke me down in various different ways. It could be the way he was acting in the office, depending on whether I had dinner with him or not.'
Ms Bouveng also alleged Wey turned up in Vetlanda, the small Swedish town where she was born, and terrified her teenage cousin by walking up to her and calling her name.

The J-shaped ice cream cone Looks Embarrassing, But Is Actually Genius
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But, if there's one life lesson we all know to be true, it's this: there is no wrong way to eat ice cream.

Mark Zuckerberg Takes Questions From Stephen Hawking, Arnold Schwarzenegger In Bizarre Q&A
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