Fail Fortune Cookies- You are what you read
Posted On 09/20/2014



Has anyone noticed how crappy a fortune cookies fortune has gotten? Where's the fortune telling in these? 

Jealous Animals Who Can't Believe You Right Now
Posted On 09/19/2014

These animals feel scorned and just want some loving or a lot of attention. So give your fury little friends some attention before they act out.


Incredible Times When Words Aligned To Create An Accidental Masterpiece
Posted On 09/19/2014

Poor placement can change everything and I mean everything, just take a look at these photo's and be prepared to lol, just a little.

These Are Perhaps The Most Hilarious And Annoying Reasons To Break Up
Posted On 09/19/2014

These reasons may seem hilarious but they speak of how shallow our society has come to look like.



Funny Snapchats Created By Some Really Clever People
Posted On 09/16/2014



Some people are just plain epic! I seriously wish I could come up with lines as clever as these!

Adorable Animals Who Got Pretty Excited About Their Snacks
Posted On 09/16/2014



Watching humans eat is soooo gross, sorry to say so but watching an animal eat is sooooo much more fun and not to mention oh soo cute!

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