Stupid And Absurd Laws That Exist And Make No Sense
Posted On 08/26/2014

Sometimes the human ability to create stupid laws just baffles me.

These One Sentence Facts Will Blow Your Mind
Posted On 08/26/2014

Relics From The Cold War- A Reminder Of A Past
Posted On 08/25/2014

Martin Roemers, Dutch photographer recently photographed all of the forgotten relics of the Cold War era. Those were turbulent times but their relics still remain. 

The Stages Every Phone Addict Goes Through If They Leave Their Phone At Home
Posted On 08/25/2014

Everyone can relate to this post if you own a phone and if it's a smart phone? God help you. 

Signs Your Girl Is Dedicated To High Maintenance
Posted On 08/23/2014



Guys! Im sooooo not high maintenance! I swear! Ohh snap I chipped a nail! Better rush off to the nail salon! Sorry baby but this is an emergency!

Girls on Facebook V.S REALITY
Posted On 08/23/2014

Girls these days are such drama queens when it comes to Fb... I mean they're over rated on fb and then in real they're totally the opposite.

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