Why Being Single Is The Best
Posted On 07/28/2014



No one said being in a relationsip is bad, but this post reminds me of how much i love being single. The many perks and ups of life. Not having to deal with other people's drama when you've got your own to sort out.

Life-Sized Elephant With Just One Sheet Of Paper...
Posted On 07/27/2014

He’s done it! Professional origami artist Sipho Mabona has created a huge, life-sized elephant with just one sheet of paper.

Girls Aren't Dramatic At All- Biggest Understatement Ever
Posted On 07/26/2014

Like seriosuly? Why are girls so dramatic these days? Always over doing everything! I hate her ! I hate him! I hate everybody! Ughhh, OMG, Ewww, You suck! Like seriously girls! Get a grip!

P.S Written by a female ;)

Paper Cut Light Boxes...
Posted On 07/25/2014

Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker (known collectively as Hari & Deepti) are an artist couple who create paper cut light boxes. Each diorama is made from layers of cut watercolor paper placed inside a shadow box and is lit from behind with flexible LED light strips. The small visual narratives depicted in each work often play off aspects of light including stars, flames, fireflies, and planets.

Digital Artist Gave A Life To Old Photos...
Posted On 07/25/2014

Most people bristle at the prospect of seeing updates or remakes of their favorite childhood books, shows or movies. Digital artist and Illustrator Tyson Murphy, however, has recreated a few scenes from a couple of classic Disney movies that will, despite their new look, reignite your love for the classics.

10 secrets about corporations that will shock you
Posted On 07/22/2014

As told by the employees working at these companies, some shocking and revealing information that you could use to beat the system.

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