City Guys and a Farm Lady

Two guys were traveling through the upper mid-west one February when it started to snow. Being guys, of course they pressed on even when road conditions were totally white-out, and they ended up in a ditch. Try as they might, they couldn't get the car un-stuck. One of the travelers spotted a light on the hill next to the road and said, 'That looks like a farm up there, lets go up and see if we can get out of this blizzard.' The other guy agrees and up the hill they go. When they got to the farm they found the occupant was a real nice lady and they asked if they can stay in the barn until the storm blows over, and they can dig their car out. The lady invites them in and makes them some hot coffee, as clearly they're very chilled.. During the conversation over the warm brew, they learn that she is a widow, living alone.After several cups of coffee, she announces that she sees no reason for such nice guys to sleep in the barn when she has this big empty comfortable 4 bedroom house and it won't be necessary for them to stay in the barn as there is plenty of room in the house.After some more pleasant conversation everyone turns in. The next morning the roads are clear and after a nice big breakfast the two guys thank the widow for her hospitality and depart. About nine months later one of the guys receives a registered letter from a law firm in the state where they met the widow. He calls his buddy and asks, 'Do you remember the night we stayed with that lady during the big blizzard?' 'Sure,' his buddy replied. 'Why?' 'Did you sneak into her room, make love and give her my name as yours?' 'Well yes,' his friend said, 'but you are single and sleeping around and I'm married, so I thought that you'd understand and not mind.'Naw, thats fine,' his buddy replied. 'Just wanted you to know she died and left me her farm.'