Girls on Facebook V.S REALITY
Posted On Today

Girls these days are such drama queens when it comes to Fb... I mean they're over rated on fb and then in real they're totally the opposite.

Weird And Creepy Shaped Chairs
Posted On 08/22/2014

Some designers get a little too creative when it comes to certain things such as chairs. Chairs are just made to be comfortable, why go over the top?

This Artistic Barber Creates Insane Art From Cutting Hair
Posted On 08/22/2014

Rob Ferrel is in no way your average barber, he is an amazing hair artist. Better know as Rob the Original, he creates some amazingly detailed portraits and designs on people's heads using a razor and a little coloring. The results will make you do a double look.



The Most Horrific DIY Fails Ever
Posted On 08/22/2014

The Internet is the perfect place for craft inspiration. You have multiple resources and there are so many creative out there that it’s hard to not want to expand your artistry. However, this could also mean the beginning of a lot of miserable, yet hilarious failures.

Beautiful Homes In Unlikely Places
Posted On 08/22/2014

Across the world, people are taking budget very seriously and building their own homes. Whether it’s to be eco friendly or just have a home that really connects with them, people are getting extremely clever with home designs. 



Cool Backyard Hangout Spots That Will Make You Jealous
Posted On 08/22/2014

Remember when you were a kid and being outside was the most fun you could have? Get ready to feel that way again.

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