Shocking Facts behind What Cat Behavior Actually Means
Posted On 04/15/2014

Cats are the cutest creatures and especially the kittens can melt anyone’s heart. They can make you laugh and their sudden disappearance for a long time can even make you cry. Those tiny creatures are not just adorable but there is a hidden meaning behind every move they make. Don’t believe? Check out these shocking facts about cats.

Interesting Historical Facts That You Have Never Studied About In School
Posted On 04/12/2014

These Strange and Weird Animals That Have Got Me Questioning Mother Nature's Free Time
Posted On 04/12/2014

Questions You Should Or Shouldn't Ask On A Date
Posted On 04/12/2014

Dating can be a wonderful or a horrible time in your life. There are so many things to worry about when going on a date and sometimes the wrong things just slip out. However, every once in a while when we become used to dating life style we know all the right things to say.

The Story of How Our Body Cells Are At Constant War To Help Us Keep Living
Posted On 04/11/2014

We truly don't ever realize how our body is at constant war to protect itself from being taken over and destroyed by foreign invaders in the form of bacteria and viruses. Our body is literally an amazing work of art by Mother Nature and our immune system is one complex system that is never given credit. 

It creates a barrier that prevents bacteria and viruses from entering your body.

If a bacteria or virus does get into the body, the immune system tries to detect and eliminate it before it can make itself at home and reproduce.

If the virus or bacteria is able to reproduce and start causing problems, your immune system is in charge of eliminating it.

Moreover, (if it works properly), it never stops or goes to sleep. So your body is fighting all the time. Make sure to treat it nicely, it does a horrendous job for you!

Pictures below have been taken under the microscope so you can see how this process looks up close.

The World's Most Bizarre And Weird Gods of the World
Posted On 04/11/2014

These gods will make you think, what in the world they were thinking?

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