The Highest Paid Footballers Of The World
Posted On 07/19/2014

Ever wondered how much our well known footballers scored on the financial front? Here's a list of the top 20 footballers and how much they earn each year.

10 Weird Items Americans Just Can’t Get Enough Of
Posted On 07/19/2014

We always talk about crazy items that other Countries such as Japan sells, but what about America? We buy and sale some pretty weird stuff too. Weird items are just hard to resist!

10 Of the Best Accidental Heroes That Will Make You Love Man Kind
Posted On 07/19/2014

When people become heroes, they always say they never seek'd it, they were just being decent human beings. These are just some of your every day people who happen to be in the right place at the right time and save a life or two along the way.

People With Unexplainable and Weird Medical Conditions
Posted On 07/19/2014

Some of these medical conditions have in the end found a solution or at least a diagnosis while other's remain a mystery. Either way, having to go through any of these must be a terrible ordeal.

Extremely Handsome Men Who Were Born A Woman
Posted On 07/19/2014

These transgender men (female to male) are successful and spreading the word to help educate others regarding trans issues (LGBT issues in general). It doesn't hurt that they're handsome either!

10 Extremely Lucky Survivors Of Deadly And Horrific Accidents
Posted On 07/19/2014

Here are ten incredible people who, against all odds, survived some pretty horrific accidents and lived to tell all. Most of them came out OK, while other's suffered a lot, but in the end they all survived. Maybe these people have guardian angels watching over them.

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