Silly Ways To Look Productive At Work
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Here are some (hypothetical) tips to avoid looking like a slacker. I mean sometimes we all just need a break, but still need to make it seem like we're doing something.

Zoo Animals Forming Special Bonds With Their Visitors
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When we visit the Zoo we want to see our favorite animals in action. Unfortunately, most of the time they are either sleeping or eating. Luckily for a few people they get up and close with their favorite animals which provides for some special bonding.

The Funniest And Shruggiest Cats Ever
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This cats are just shrugging through new life, not really caring about a damn thing. Some people think cats are being lazy, but it's just how they get through life.


Thoughts Lazy People Can Relate To
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We all say we're lazy, but there are people out there who are truly lazy and are happy with just sitting on their behind all day.

Script Rough Drafts That Are So Bad You Can't Help But Laugh
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Even professional writers can make a few mistakes before perfecting the script for their next blockbuster film or big commercial. Take a look at these hilarious screw ups!

Powerful Images Of Homeless People
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No one can really understand what it's like to be homeless unless you've actually experienced it. These people are struggling to stay alive like everyone else in the world. Of course, it's harder for them, but they are doing everything they can to get by.

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