Bill Gates is better than Batman

on Jul, 27 2012

Bill Gates is better than Batman


Little jonny #1

there is a kid named litle Jonny. every friday his techer gives
his class a quiz. if a kid got the question right, they would
have no homework and no school on monday.
the first friday came. the teacher said quiz time. then she
asked how many stars are there in the sky then little jonny got
called on. he answered 1000.
the teacher said thats wrong, heres your homework, see ya
monday. next friday came the teacher said how many fish in the
se lil jonny was caled on. he said 1000 tha teacher said thats
wrong see ya monday.
before next friday came little jonny bought bouncy black 8
next friday came and the teacher said quiz time then little
bounced the 8 balls. the teacher said allright, who's the
comedian with the black balls?
little jonny raised his hand and said Bill Cosby.
see ya tuesday