Barney, you're doing it right

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Barney, you're doing it right


Broken dishes

A woman went to the doctor because her husband did not want to
have sex with her anymore. She was worried there might be
something wrong with him or her. So the doctor said "Here, take
this pill and put it in some of his mashed potatoes tonight when
you eat super. I dont know if it will work and if it does work I
dont know how strong it will be." The lady said, "Thats ok! I
will do ANYTHING for sex."

So later that night she put it in his mashed potatoes.

The next day she went back to the doctor and he asked her how
everything went. She goes "It was great Doctor, he pushed all of
the dishes to the floor and we had the best sex we have had in
months! I loved it!" The doctor said, "Well if you broke
anything then I will pay for it." The lady said, "No that won't
be necissary because I dont think that we will be going back to
that restaurant anymore anyways!!!"