Awesome Art is awesome

on Apr, 13 2012

Awesome Art is awesome


Haunted Bathroom

One day, an English man, a Scott and an Irish man were waiting
to go to the toilet. The first one to enter the bathroom was the
English man. He was just about to do his buisness when all of a
sudden he froze. He had heard a voice, a chilling, spinetingling
whisper. He then looked around and saw no body. By now he had
already lost concentration of where he was aiming for and wet
himself. But he was to scared to move. He then heard it again,
he heard it more clearly this time. It said "I'm going to rip
your legs off and eat you!".
by this time the English man had ran and jumped out of the open
window and landed on the ground outside, dead! He had fallen 20
ft out of an apartment building.

Next the Scott couldn't wait any longer and came in after the
Emglish man. But found nothing. He was ready to do his buisness
when he to heard a voice. He thought it was the English man in
one of the cubicles, but when he searched he found no-one. he
then countinued relieving himself until again he heard the
voice. He was now scared stiff as he could see no one and could
here some one. The voice was saying, "I'm going to rip off your
arms and your legs and eat you." And with all the Scotts
wisdom... he jumped out the window.

Now the Irish man, as stupid as he may be, decided to
investigate what was going on. He went inside the door and
straight away he coudl feel a presence in the room with him. he
then began to search the bathroom from top till bottom until he
heard the voice. It said, "I'm going to rip off your arms, your
legs and your head, then i'm goin to eat you!" the Irish man
wasn't scared abit. The next thing you know he looked in the
cupboard where all the medicines are kept to find a small child
eating gummy bears!