Awesome 3D street art

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Awesome 3D street art


The Hillbilly and the Indians

A hillbilly and two Indians were walking along. Around them were lots of caves. Suddenly one of the Indians ran up to one of the caves and yelled,
There was a reply from inside the cave, WOOOOOOOOWOOOOOWOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOWOOOOO! So the Indian tore off his clothes and ran inside.
The hillbilly was confused about this, so he asked the other Indian, who replied, Well during mating season, all the women hide inside these caves, and what the men have to do is go up to one of the caves and yell WOOOOWOOOOWOOOOWOOOOOWOOOO! And if the women yell WOOOOWOOOOWOOOOWOOOOWOOOO! he can then take off his clothes and go in to mate.
And indeed, when they came to another cave, the Indian ran up to it and yelled WOOOOOOOWOOOOOOWOOOOOOWOOOOOOWOOOOOOO! There was another WOOOOOOWOOOOOWOOOOOWOOOOOOWOOOOOOO! from inside the cave, so the Indian tore off his clothes and ran inside to mate with the women in the cave.
The hillbilly thought this was a great idea. He ran up to one really big cave, thinking, Wow, there must be lots of big beautiful women in here! So he called, WOOOOOOWOOOOOWOOOOOOWOOOOOWOOOOO!, and sure enough he heard a loud WOOOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOWOOOOOOO! The hillbilly tore off his clothes and dashed inside.
The next day, the front page of the local newspaper bore the headline: