Are yu f**king kidding me?

on Jul, 01 2012

Are yu f**king kidding me?


What Auburn Means

Did you here what happened 3 1/2 years ago at the University of Tennessee
just before Spring Break? Well 3 days before UT got out for spring break,
some of the other SEC schools let their students out for spring break and
with the Interstate running through Knoxville like it does, 5 Auburn
Football Players drove thru Knoxville on their way to the Smoky Mountains
on I-40 in a Dodge Caravan. One of the players knew the interstate exits
in Knoxville and said turn here at 17th street and had the driver drive
straight up to the hill on Tennessee's campus. After parking the 5 players
got out and started walking around UT's campus looking at the football
facilities and 3 of them were wearing T-shirts with AUBURN in bold type
across the front. UT's players were still there studying for finals and
looked out, saw them, and recognized them and got mad. 15 UT players went
out and circled them and said, "We looked up that word Auburn on your
shirts, in the dictionary, and it talks about the colors of Fall, but it
does not say anything about a school in Alabama. What does it mean?" The
auburn players were scared being outnumbered 15 to 5 so they responded,
"In football it means Alabama Usually Beats Us Round November". Of course
Tennessee beat Auburn last year in the SEC Championship 12/6/97, which
being not a full week into December is still around November, so when it
comes to beating Auburn round November, UT means US TOO! We can beat
Auburn around November!!!!