Adorable Hamster gets Shot and pretends to be dead

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Actual Events

These are actual events that took place in our bizarre world. Enjoy! Custom officials in Peru became suspicious of a man and asked him to open a suitcase he had checked on a flight to Prague. Inside, they found 17 monkeys, 10 turtles, five dwarf crocodiles, two snakes and a lizard.

A Pensacola, Florida woman called police and indignantly complained that the two rocks of crack she'd bought were fake and, in fact, tasted just like baking soda. A helpful officer tested the drugs and determined it was real crack-so the woman was arrested for possession. The assistant to the police chief said, " I guess stranger things have happened, but I personally have never seen them."

A Buenos Aires police officer was hanging out with his girlfriend when a man on horseback approached and asked for a match. "I'm sorry, but I don't have one," said the officer. The guy on horseback must have really wanted a cigarette because he took out a gun and shot the officer in the chest.

A man armed with a beer bottle abducted a cat and demanded a Tickle Me Elmo Doll as ransom. The suspect picked up the cat from the front lawn and banged at the front door ofthe house. A woman opened the door and was shocked to see her cat being held hostage. "I had never seen this man," the cat owner later said, "and I told him I don't have his doll." The man then took the cat to his car and yelled: "If you want your cat back, gimme Elmo." The abductor and the cat are still missing.

Cops in Allentown, PA discovered that a man who was arrested at the bus station with 280 small bags of heroin in his luggage had chewed the skin off of seven of his fingertips after being jailed. A police sergeant noted that, "this is certainly a strong indication that somebody somewhere is looking for him."