A billboard in Richmond, Virginia

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A billboard in Richmond, Virginia


Canoe guys

There were three witches who couldn't get across a river. The only spell
they had was to turn men into canoe. So they get three guys--a brunet, a
red head, and a blond guy. They took them to the river and were about to
turn them into canoes, when brunet says, "Hey wait a second, don't we get
a last request." The witches saw no harm in this and gave them the go
ahead. So the brunet requested a gun. He told them not to move or he'll
shoot so he goes free. The red head asked for a knife and said he'd stab
them if they moved, so he goes free. The blond asks for and ice pick. The
witches cringe back expecting him to attack, when he starts stabbing
himself repeaditly chanting, "Canoe's gonna leak, canoe's gonna leak."