Fail Fortune Cookies- You are what you read
Posted On 09/20/2014



Has anyone noticed how crappy a fortune cookies fortune has gotten? Where's the fortune telling in these? 

Jealous Animals Who Can't Believe You Right Now
Posted On 09/19/2014

These animals feel scorned and just want some loving or a lot of attention. So give your fury little friends some attention before they act out.


Incredible Times When Words Aligned To Create An Accidental Masterpiece
Posted On 09/19/2014

Poor placement can change everything and I mean everything, just take a look at these photo's and be prepared to lol, just a little.

These Photos Will Question Your Perspective
Posted On 09/19/2014

Look closely.

These Are Perhaps The Most Hilarious And Annoying Reasons To Break Up
Posted On 09/19/2014

These reasons may seem hilarious but they speak of how shallow our society has come to look like.



These Mind Blowing 3D Pencil Drawings Will Amaze You
Posted On 09/19/2014

Here's some amazing 3D drawwings that will blow your mind.

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