Unforgettably Funny Protest Signs
Posted On 04/22/2014

Protesting for anything  is serious business even if it's something that is pointless. There is a lot of tension, riots break out, and so on. Luckily, there are those few people that like to have a little fun and create some pretty epic protest signs.

Abnormal Fan And Celebrity Encounters
Posted On 04/22/2014

We all have our own scenarios of what would happen if we met our favorite celebrity. Well sometimes they just don't happen like that in real life and can be cause for some of the most strangest moments in yours and the celebrity's lives.



Fan Art That Celebrities Would Not Like
Posted On 04/22/2014

One way that fans show admiration is by drawing their favorite celebrity. I'm sure that celebrities appreciate that effort that every fan goes through to do such a sweet thing, but still you can't deny bad art.

People Who Are Taking It Too Far With Statues
Posted On 04/22/2014

Some statuses are in posed in such a way that some people can't help, but have a little fun with them.

Awkward Photos Of People Who Are Horrible At Clubbing
Posted On 04/22/2014

When you're drunk you are at your worst. I feel so bad for these people because once something is on the internet it will never go away!

Stupid People Who Take Photos With Ipads And Other Crazy Objects
Posted On 04/22/2014

What's the point in taking a photo if there a big object in the way? It's completely distracting! Just use your phone.

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